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Hiding Answers
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Description: Describes how to hide an item from the possible answers list without removing it from existing responses.

There might be scenarios where you want to hide an answer from your answers list, rather than delete it.  Such a scenario could be an instance where you need to take an answer out of an options list in a survey that is active and already has responses, but you can't delete this answer because it might have been used in these responses.  However, you can hide the answer so it won't be shown to future respondents who take the survey.

To hide an answer, add the characters *** to the beginning of the answer text.  In the following options list:

only John Smith and Kevin Hunt will be shown as options to future respondents.  But any answers with Mary Jones from the past will still be valid responses.

Note: At present, you can only hide answers in Drop-Down Menu and Matrix Drop Down Menu question types.