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Embed PDF documents in a question
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Description: Describes how to embed a PDF document in a Vista question.

The easiest solution for embedding a document into a Web page is to convert your document to PDF and follow the procedure below.  To embed other types of documents such as Microsoft Office documents or Flickr slideshows, see the notes at the bottom of this topic.


To embed a PDF inside a survey question:

  1. Double-click the question on the Edit tab to open it in the Question Editor.
  2. Click the Source tab of the message field (or the HTML button in the toolbar if you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer).
    source tab
  3. Paste the following EMBED tag into the HTML code of the Source tab and replace the two URLs in the code (in bold) with the URL of the PDF document that you want to include:
    <EMBED src="http://www.company.com/sampledocument.pdf" width=650 height=500 type=application/octet-stream href="http://www.company.com/sampledocument.pdf"></EMBED>
    embed pdf code
  4. Click OK to save the question. The PDF document is now embedded in the question.

    You can change the width and height of the section that will display the PDF by changing the width=650 height=500 settings in the code above. 
    pdf embed

To add a link to a PDF document instead of embedding the document, follow the instructions above substituting the link code below for the EMBED tag used above:

<a href="http://www.company.com/sampledocument.pdf" target="_new">Click here to read the PDF document.</a>


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