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Assigning a Value to Answers
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Description: Describes how to assign a numeric or symbolic value to the possible answers of a question for use later in the survey (i.e. formula calculations).

In questions that have a list of Possible Answers (i.e. Multiple Choice, Select Many, etc), you can assign a Value to each answer choice.  The value of the answer is used in the following ways:

  1. The value is displayed in the raw download data file, unless you specified that you want to Show Answers as Text.  For more information see Downloading Raw Data
  2. The [Vx] pipe code can be used to pipe in the value of the answer (rather than the text).  For more information see Using Piping

If you don't specify a value for an answer, the default for these operations is to use the value 1 for the first answer, 2 for the second, etc.

Assigning a Value to Answers

You assign a value to an answer by using the following syntax for the answer text:


For example, here is a Possible Answers list that assigns a numeric value to each answer:

When the survey is displayed to a user, only the text (i.e. everything to the right of the :: symbol) will be shown.  In the results and piping, the Value of the answer will be used.