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Predefined verifications
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Description: Describes how to add a question that verifies email addresses, phone numbers, zip codes, postal codes, and credit card numbers.

The following Vista question types have predefined verification settings that you can use to verify certain types of information:

The types of information you can verify are:

To insert a verification question into your questionnaire:

  1. Click Add Question on the Edit tab.
  2. Choose one of the question types listed above and enter your question text in the Question Editor.
  3. Click Verification.
    verification button
  4. Click the Predefined Verifications link for the type of information you want to have verified.
    predefined verifications

    For Number Box questions, specify the range that answers must fall within.
    number box verification
  5. Click OK to apply the verification settings and return to the Question Editor.
  6. Click OK again to return to the Edit tab.
  7. Click Test Logic to test the verification settings.

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