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Emailing questionnaires to yourself as they are completed
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Description: Describes how to set up email notification for completed surveys and forms?

On the Security tab, click the check box next to Email questionnaires to me as they are completed. Enter the email address where completed surveys and forms are to be emailed.  You can enter multiple email addresses in this field separated by commas.

Use this option to have each completed questionnaire emailed to you as respondents click to submit the survey. This allows you to manually review each respondent's answers.

The email message contains a hyperlink you can click to delete the respondent's answers if you deem them to be insincere.  This delete feature also is useful if you are using the questionnaire to collect periodic user data that needs manual processing.

NOTE:  If you want to send a copy of the completed questionnaire to the respondent taking the survey, you can use a Send Email question type. For more information, see Send Email Question.