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Allow respondents to skip questions
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Description: Describes how to allow specified respondents to skip a required question.

You can configure your survey to allow specific respondents to skip specific questions. The respondent must be indentified using a URL parameter. Once you have a method for identifying the respondent, you can add Ask if Logic to a question(s) that you want the respondent to skip. The process is as follows:

  1. Add URL Parameters to your survey invitation link. For more information, see Using URL Parameters in a Survey.
  2. Add a hidden question to your survey to collect the URL parameter values.
  3. Apply Ask if Logic to subsequent questions using the parameter values to allow a respondent to skip questions. For more information, see Ask if Logic.

For example, a market research company has a survey with questions for two different groups of respondents, Group 1 and Group 2. The company creates the following survey invite links:

The company survey begins with a hidden Multiple Choice or Text Box question containing the following question text:


text box query string value

The company survey has two subsequent Text Message questions. One of the Text Message questions is for Group 1 and it has the following Ask if Logic:

Group 1 

The other Text Message question uses Ask if Logic for group 2:

 Group 2

When respondents from Group 1 click their survey invitation links they will submit the URL parameter and value group=1 which is then collected by the hidden question.  When a respondent from Group 1 reaches a question with Ask if Logic, the parameter value collected by the hidden question is evaluated by the Ask if Logic to determine whether or not to display the question. The same process happens for respondents from Group 2. Consequently, respondents from Group 1 skip Group 2 questions and respondents from Group 2 skip Group 1 questions.

The Edit tab for the survey displays the Ask if logic:

 skip questions

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