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Resending survey invitations using Vista's emailing tool
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Description: Describes how to automatically resend survey invitations through Vista's email invitation tool

Resend to entire recipient list

  1. Click the Launch tab.

  2. Click More for the survey invitation that you want to resend and click Send Reminder.
    Send reminder

  3. On the Send Reminder Email page, select the option that best fits your needs and click Next.

    send to all recipients

    On the Compose Email page, you can change the original invitation or leave the contents of the invitation exactly the same as it was when you initially sent it.

  4. Click Next through the remaining options until your invitation is resent.  

 Resend to individuals

  1. Click the Launch tab.

  2. From the Invitation Name column, click the invitation under which the recipient you need is listed. The full recipient list for that invitation will display.

  3. Find the individual's name and click More from the Actions column. Choose Resend Email. Follow the prompts to resend the email invitation. 

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