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Recalling a survey
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Description: Describes your options when a survey needs to be recalled

You cannot recall e-mail invitations sent using Vista. If you accidentally send a survey or form to recipients you can pause the survey to prevent recipients from taking the survey, and then notify them of the mistake using your own email system. Once the survey is ready you can start the survey and resend your invitations.

Canceling or Deleting Email Invitations

If after clicking Send Invitation you delete the email invitation, alert Vista Support immediately (Tel: 919-859-4101) and ask us to delete the emails from your queue. Otherwise, the emails will still be sent to all of your recipients. In addition, the links in the deleted invitation will no longer work. Recipients who click links in the email will get a message that the survey is not available.

Canceling or deleting an invitation before clicking Send Invitation will cancel the entire job and no emails will be sent.

We recommend that you click Send Later to save all your work until you are ready to email your invitation.

send later

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