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Print a survey
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Description: Describes how to print the questionnaire in a survey or form.

Rough Copy

To print a draft of your questionnaire or form, print it from the Edit tab.  Hold down the Ctrl key and press P. The print dialog will appear. Select your printer settings and click OK.

If you want to create a PDF, simply select the PDF printer in the printer settings.  If you want to create a Microsoft Word copy, see Final Copy below.

You can print different views of your questionnaire or form by selecting a different view from the view drop-down list on the Edit tab:

survey views

Final Copy

To print a more polished version of your questionnaire:

  1. Click the Results tab.
  2. Choose Generate an analysis report.
  3. Click Continue
  4. Deselect everything except Questionnaire.
  5. Click Generate Report. The questionnaire will display with a cover page.
  6. Click Print and select a printer or PDF.  To create a Microsoft Word copy, select all of the questionnaire text in the report, press Ctrl+C (copy), click in your Word document and press Ctrl+V (paste).

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