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Salesforce Transfer Error: id value of incorrect type
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Description: Provides a description and resolution for the salesforce transfer error "id value of incorrect type".

Error Message: "id value of incorrect type"


A merge code used in the survey link was not replaced by the correct Salesforce object ID.  This can occur if the survey link provided by Vista was not sent using a Salesforce Email Template. For more information about how to create a Salesforce Email Template, see Launching through Salesforce.


  1. Log into Vista from Salesforce and click the Results tab.
  2. Select Examine each completed questionnaire in Task and click Continue.
  3. Locate the result that caused the error using Previous and Next. An unsuccessful result will look something like this:
    id value incorrect result
    The Account, Case, and Contact fields are invalid.
  4. Click Edit next to Query Parameters.
  5. Delete all of the query data for this response and click OK. The View Individual Questionnaires page displays the result with the query parameters removed.
  6. Transfer the result to Salesforce by performing the steps in Transferring Results to Salesforce.

NOTE:  This result will not be linked to a contact in Salesforce.