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Test a survey or form
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Description: Describes how to preview and/or test a survey or form before it is launched.

Preview a survey
Preview allows you to see what your survey or form will look like to a respondent when the survey link is clicked. None of survey logic will function in Preview mode and nothing you enter will be saved. As a matter of fact, you need not enter any data or answer any questions in the Preveiw mode. You can just click through the pages to see how your questionnaire displays.

Click Preview from the left-hand menu of the Edit tab.

Test a survey
Test Logic allows you to take your survey as though you are the respondent. All of your survey logic is fully functional in Test Logic mode; so, any Ask if or other unique settings that you have configured for the survey or form will function as though you are the respondent taking the survey. None of the answers you enter while using Test Logic will be saved in the results set for the survey.

Click Test Logic from the left-hand menu of the Edit tab.

Live Testing
Once you have saved a survey or form, you can use the Launch tab to conduct live survey testing in one of two ways: by generating a Web link to the survey from the Launch tab and entering the Web link into a Web browser; or, by generating an email link which you can click from the Launch tab to run your test.  You also can send an Email Sample Invitation to yourself or a colleague from the Email Launch Instruction page once you generate an email link.

Important: If you submit a survey or form from a live link during testing, Vista will record the responses as results in your results data file. You will need to purge the results from testing before you launch the survey to actual recipients. Otherwise, your data will be skewed.

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