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How do I create a secure link to my survey?
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Description: Describes how to create a link to a survey (i.e. https) that encrypts the survey and responses for security purposes.

You can create a secure link to your survey which will cause all responses to be SSL Encrypted when submitted.  SSL Encryption (now known as TSL Encryption) is the same security standard used by online banks and is the most secure method to protect data on the Internet.

Create a secure link to a survey

  1. Open your survey and click the Launch tab.
  2. Click Launch Wizard.
  3. For each of the Launch Wizard invitation options, you can add a secure link as follows:
Option To create a secure link:
I will send email invitations through Vista.

Add the text  https:  before the link text in your email. For example:

[%%https:Please click here to start the survey%%]

I will send invitations using my own email system.

Replace the http://vista-survey.com portion of the link generated by Vista with https://secure.vanguardsw.com. For example:

Replace this:
<a href=http://vista-survey.com/survey/v2/survey.dsb?ID=000000000 target="_blank">
Click here to start the survey</a>

With this:
<a href=https://secure.vanguardsw.com/survey/v2/survey.dsb?ID=000000000 target="_blank">
Click here to start the survey</a>

Note: Modify the link to your survey before you click the Copy button.

I will add a link or popup to my Web site.

Add https://secure.vanguardsw.com in the code generated by Vista. For example:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
function PopupSurvey() {
    window.open('https://secure.vanguardsw.com/survey/v2/survey.dsb?ID=0000000000&closeonexit', '', 'width=680, height=450, toolbar=0, location=0, directories=0, status=0, menuBar=0, scrollBars=1, resizable=1');

Note: Modify the code before you click the Copy button.

I will instruct respondents to type an address into their browser.

Add https://secure.vanguardsw.com in the link generated by Vista. For example:


NOTE: Once you have created a secure link to your form or survey, any other linked content in your survey or form that is not hosted on a secure server may result in an error message stating that your secure site is hosting unsecure content. To avoid this error, you can host images and other linked content on a secure Web server or you can host them on one of Vista's secure servers. To host content on a Vista secure server, contact Vista support: Phone: 919-859-4101, Email: support@vanguardsw.com.

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