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Requiring a login to edit answers
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Description: Describes how to use the Require Login option on the Security Tab to allow respondents to create an account so they can edit their survey submissions.

You can display a login page to respondents at the beginning of your survey.  The typical login page looks like this:

require login example

Configure your survey to require a login

  1. Open your survey and click the Security tab.
  2. Select Require login and allow the respondent to edit past answers under When a respondent takes your survey a second time.
    require login setting
  3. Click Save.
  4. To see the login page, click Preview or Test Logic.

Login information is saved with completed questionnaires only.  If respondents do not complete and save the questionnaire, their login will not be saved.  Respondents who do not complete and save the questionnaire will need to create a login again when they come back to the survey later. Respondents will be able to resume their previous survey session with their previous answers.

Note that the Require login option is not meant to secure your survey from unauthorized use.  Instead, you can use a Password question at the beginning of your survey to prompt for a valid password before continuing with the survey.  For more information, see the Password Question.

The first time respondents encounter the login screen they must choose the New button and enter a unique username and password. After submitting answers to your questionnaire, respondents can return to edit or review their previous answers. This feature is useful in cases where you want to give individuals the opportunity to maintain their own user information.