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Changing button text
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Description: Describes how to change the text for standard survey buttons such as Next and Cancel, etc.

You can customize the text used for the standard buttons in your survey or form. These buttons include Next, Back, Cancel, Submit, Yes, No, and form elements. You also can change the screen text, character set, and number format.

  1. Click the Format tab.
  2. Click More in the Style section next to the Language setting, and click Customize Text.

    more button text
  3. On the Customize System Text page, change the default text for any buttons, screen text, or standard messages text. You can enter HTML code in the Standard Messages text.

    You also can change the Character Set encoding and number format to make these clearer to your respondents.

      To restore the system text to the Vista defaults, click the Restore Defaults link.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Preview to see your changes.

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