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Moving a question
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Description: Describes how to move questions within a questionnaire or form.
  1. On the Edit tab, right-click on the question you want to move. An edit menu will display.

    Move a question 

  2. To move the question up one position, click Move Up. The question is moved up one position.

  3. To move the question down one position, click Move Down. The question is moved down one position.

  4. To move the question more than one position up or down, click Move To. The Move Question page will display. Click a location in the questionnaire where you want to place the question. The question will be placed before the question you click.

  5. Click OK.

NOTE:  If you place the question in a location that causes an error in the logic of the survey, Vista's automatic error correction will notify you. Click Fix it for me to correct the error.