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Editing the HTML for Vista questions
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Description: Describes how to edit the HTML version of Vista questions to add images, links, and other HTML elements.

You can add HTML formatting, links, and other HTML elements to Vista questions by directly editing a question's source code.

NOTE: The Question Editor automatically passes HTML codes to any text you've edited using the formatting toolbar making manual HTML editing unnecessary for typical format changes.

  1. On the Edit tab of your questionnaire, double-click the question that you want to edit. This will display the question in the Question Editor.
  2. Click the Source tab at the bottom of the text field (or the HTML button in the toolbar if you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer).
    edit html
  3. Edit the HTML and click OK.
  4. On the Edit tab, click Preview from the left-hand menu to see how the HTML edits will appear to a respondent.