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Tracking respondents
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Description: Describes how to see who has responded to a survey or form.

There are two methods you can use to track survey and form responses:

Sending the email invitation using Vista

During the Vista email invitation process, Vista asks if you want to have your survey record responses anonymously:

anonymous invitation

To track recipients' responses choose No. After recipients have responded to the survey, you can view each recipient's response by viewing the Invitation Details:

invitation details

Using the Password Question type

If you do not want to email the survey to your recipients using Vista, you can add a Password Question type to identify your recipients.

password question type

In the Password Question type there is a Valid passwords list field. Enter the passwords that users must enter to continue with the survey. Each password should be entered on a separate line. The user must enter one of these passwords in order to proceed past this question. To track your recipients, give out a password to each recipient and record which recipient received each password. When you review the results for your survey, you can use this list to identify your recipients.

For example, a teacher wants to track the responses of three students: Michael, Cindy, and Jane. The teacher adds a Password Question to the start of the survey that contains three valid passwords: password1, password2. and password3. The teacher gives Michael password1, Cindy password2, and Jane password3. The three students respond to the survey using their passwords. Now the teacher can generate a results report and view the individual responses. On the View Individual Questionnaire page, the response can be identified by the password that the student submitted. The following image shows the response submitted with "password1".


The teacher knows that she gave that password to Michael; so, she can track Michael's response.

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