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Adding new questions to the Question Library
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Description: Explains the steps to take in adding new questions to the Question Library.

Adding questions to the Question Library 

You can easily add your own questions to the Library by building a single-question questionnaire.  Here's how:

  1. On the Surveys tab, click Create a New Survey.
  2. Click Add Question and choose the question type you want to use to build your library.
  3. When you finish building the question, click Save As and save the question as a new survey using a name that begins with "_QT_".  For example, if you create a question that is to be used as an RSVP for conferences, name your Library question "_QT_RSVP".  The question type "_RSVP" will appear in the Question Library list.
  4. To insert a Library question into a questionnaire, click Question Library from the Question Gallery and choose the question name from the Library's drop-down menu.

As you find yourself repeatedly needing the same kind of questions in new surveys, you can save yourself time and effort by using this method to add these questions or question combinations to your Question Library.  You'll be able to insert these questions into any questionnaire as though it is a part of the Question Gallery.