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Use the Style Wizard
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Description: Describes how to use the Style Wizard to match company Web site color schemes and add logos.

The Style Wizard is used to make your survey match your company Web site or to extract logos and images from your Web site to include in your survey design.

To use the Style Wizard:

  1. From the Surveys tab, click to open a survey or click Create a New Survey.
  2. Click the Format tab for the questionnaire. Click the Style Wizard button at the top of the page.
  3. Enter a Web site URL, anc click OK. The wizard will go to the site you entered and extract images and color schemes which it will display as options for you to choose in designing your survey.
  4. Click through the Wizard choosing those color schemes and elements which best represent your Web site or the look you want to achieve.

When the Style Wizard finishes, the logo or image you selected will display in the Page Header field and the colors for your survey will be set under Colors.

To change any of the colors, simply click the color bar next to the field you wish to change under the Colors field, and select a new color or enter the RGB number for the color you want.

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