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Format Page Header and Page Footer
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Description: Describes the Page Header and Page Footer fields.

The Page Header and Page Footer fields allow you to insert content (i.e. your logo, copyright) at the top and bottom, respectively, of your survey.  You can insert any content including text, images (i.e. your logo), and hyperlinks.  Use the Formatting Toolbar to format text in the Page Header and/or Page Footer sections.

To insert a logo or image, see How do I add a logo to my survey?. Note that logos and images must reside on a Web page to be extracted and incorporated into the Page Header or Footer field.

If your logo is not available on your site, e-mail the logo file to support@vanguardsw.com. One of our Support Representatives will post the logo file to your Vista Web folder and provide you with a Web link to the file.

NOTE:  At present, you cannot change the Page Header or Page Footer fields across multiple surveys.