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Opening and using the Question Editor
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Description: Describes how to open and use the Question Editor to edit questions in a survey.

When you add or edit questions you will use the Question Editor to enter the text, possible answers, and other properties of the question.

Opening the Question Editor

  1. To open the Question Editor, on the Edit tab, do one of the following:

Question Editor Fields

The following is a description of the fields you might see in the Question Editor.  Note that not all questions have all of these fields.

NOTE: If you use the option "Other" in a question with possible answers (for example, Multiple Choice, Select Many), it is always placed last in an option list.  If you want an option to be listed last in a list of options place a ~ (tilda character) before the option value.  For example, if you wanted the option "I don't know" listed last, you would enter the option as "~I don't know".

Question Editor toolbar

The Question Editor includes a toolbar that allows you to format the content of the message.  The buttons in the toolbar are slightly different depending on the web browser that you are using.  The difference is a result of the restrictions of the web browsers and not a limitation of Vista Survey.

In Internet Explorer:

Vista toolbar in Internet Explorer

The toolbar has the following buttons:

In other web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari):

Vista toolbar in other web browsers

The toolbar has the following buttons: