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Inserting email links into questions
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Description: Describes how to add an email link to a question so respondents can click to send an email while taking a survey.

You can include an email link in a question by editing the HTML code on the Source tab for the question.

NOTE:  If your objective is to send an email when the survey is submitted, choose the Send an Email question type from the Question Gallery and do not follow these instructions.

Inserting an email link into a question:

Use a Text Message question type if you are creating a question that will only contain an email link. Then follow these instructions for adding the email link.

  1. Click the Source tab in the Question Editor for the question type you have chosen.  Any text you entered in the Edit tab will display as HTML code on the Source tab.
  2. Copy and paste the HTML code below into the Source tab where you want the email link to display:  
         <A href=mailto:EmailAddress>Text for Email Link</A>
  3. Edit EmailAddress to your email address and change Text for Email Link to the text you want to use for the email link.


If you enter the following HTML code:

<P>You can contact us while you are taking this survey.&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="mailto:support@vanguardsw.com">Click here to email us now.</A></P>

it will display the following question:

You can contact us while you are taking this survey.  Click here to email us now.


Entering multiple email addresses:

Insert a comma between each address without any spaces.

<A href=mailto:EmailAddress1,EmailAddress2,EmailAddress3>Text for Email Link</A>