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Stop a survey
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Description: Describes how to configure a survey to stop accepting responses after a specific date.

When you create a survey you can configure the date when the survey is stopped. A stopped survey is different from a paused survey. Once a survey's expiry date has occurred, the survey is stopped until you change its expiry date. You cannot restart a stopped survey using Pause.

IMPORTANT:  If you want to stop a survey without setting a specific expiry date, you can Pause the survey at any time. A paused survey is suspended and no new responses are accepted until the survey is restarted.  Users trying to take the survey while it is paused will receive a message saying the survey is closed.

To stop a survey using a expiry date:

  1. In the Surveys tab, click the name of the survey for which you want to configure a stop or expiry date.
  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. Click Change under Response limit settings.
  4. Select Specify a last date to accept responses, and click Next.
  5. In Last response date, click the calendar icon (calendar icon) and select an expiry date for the survey. Click Next.

To restart a survey after its expiry date has occurred, you must change or delete the expiry date.

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