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Make a survey private
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Description: Describes how to make a survey private in multi-user accounts.

When a survey or folder is first created in a multi-use account, it is automatically set to public access which means any user can view the survey and results, generate results reports, and copy the survey.  However, unless you are the survey owner or a user with an Admin account, you cannot edit the survey. 

Owners of surveys and folders are able to set their surveys to private in which case other users logging in will see only the surveys and folders they have created listed in the Surveys table.  When a survey is private, a lock icon (Lock)  displays next to the survey on the Surveys tab.

Here are the steps for making a survey or folder private:

  1. Click the Surveys tab to view the list of surveys. 
  2. Select each survey you want to make private by clicking the check box next to the survey or folder name in the first column of the Survey table.
  3. Choose Make Private from the Select Actions menu at the bottom of the Surveys table.

NOTE:  A user with an Admin account has full access to all surveys including surveys that are made Private by other users.

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