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Build a Survey from a Template
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Description: Describes how to build a new survey from a template.

Note: New surveys are listed in alphabetical order on the Surveys tab.

  1. Click Build From a Template on the Surveys tab.  If you want to create a new survey in a particular folder, navigate to the folder, and click Build From a Template.

    Build from a Template 
  2. On the Edit tab, select the template that you would like to use as a basis for your survey, and click Next.  To see an example of a template, select the template and then click Preview.

    Templates list
  3. Fill in the requested information.  What you enter here will be used in the survey.  Click Next.
  4. When the new survey displays, click Save or Save As.

    Save icon 
  5. Enter the name for the new survey, and click to save it.
  6. To add questions to your new survey, on the Edit tab, click the Add Question button, or right-click a question and then click Insert After.

    right click a question
  7. Once you have created a new survey, you will want to edit the survey.  For more information, see Edit a Survey.

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