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Can I modify the way the Average Score in the Analysis Report is calculated?
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Description: Describes how to customize the value for each answer to a question so that the Average Score in the Analysis Report is more meaningful.

In the Analysis Report, Multiple Choice questions will contain an Average Score underneath the tabulated answers that looks something like this:

Average Score

If you don't specify a value for each possible answer, Vista automatically assigns the values as 1, 2, 3, etc.  The Average Score is then calculated using these values.  In some cases, for example the case above, you may want to reverse the order of the values, or specify your own values.  In the example above, we could specify the values as Very satisfied=5, Satisfied=4, ... Very Dissatisfied=1.  After specifying the values the Average Score will reflect these new values, as follows:


For instructions on how to specify a value for answers, see Assigning a Value to Answers.