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Setting up Scoring in a Survey or Quiz
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Description: This article provides a detailed walkthrough of setting up scoring in a survey, e.g. to implement an online test, quiz or assessment.

This walkthrough goes through the process of setting up scoring in a survey.  Scoring can be used to provide a quantitative overall measure of a response (i.e. Overall Satisfaction Score).  Scoring could also be used to implement a test, quiz or assessment.

Step 1: Build the Questions

In this step we build the questions in our questionnaire.  Here are the questions we will use in this walkthrough.

 Questionnaire preview

Step 2: Specifying the Value (i.e. Score) for each Answer

In this step we will specify a score for each of the answer choices for each question.  We want the score of each question to be as follows:

The total score will be the sum of the score for each of these three questions.  We designate the scores for each answer by using the technique described in Assigning a Value to Answers.  Edit each question and modify the Possible Answers list as follows:

Answer Scores

Step 3: Adding Calculated Question

In this step we will add a Calculated Question to calculate an overall score for the answers.  See Calculated Questions for more information.  Note that this will be a Hidden Question that will not be displayed to the user.  Here are the steps to add the Calculated Question.

  1. Click Add Question to open the Gallery to choose a question type.
  2. Choose Number Box from the Gallery (since the score will be a numeric value).
  3. In the Question field, enter the following text:
    • <{ [V1]+[V2]+[V3] }>
    • Note that this assumes that your questions are numbered 1-3.  If you have different question numbers you will need to adjust the pipe codes accordingly.
  4. Click OK to save the question.
  5. Right-click the newly added question and choose Break Before from the context menu.
    • We need to add a page break between our questions and the calculated question in order for the answers to be posted to the server and available for use.

Your final questionnaire should look like this:

Calculated question


That's it!  We now have a calculated question in our survey that will provide a score based on the answers in a response.  From here there are a number of ways we could use this calculated value.