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Can I add pictures, videos, sound, and other effects to my survey?

Anything you can put on a Web page you also can put in a Vista survey.

When you edit questions in Vista, you are using a visual HTML editor. The editor directly supports common formatting features such as setting fonts, character decorations, paragraph formats, and many more.

You can include features not directly supported by the editor simply by copying them from a Web page that contains the effect you want and pasting them into the Edit field of the Question Editor in any question.

paste image example

To copy an image from a Web page, you can right-click the image and click Copy.  When you paste the image into the Edit field of the Question Editor, click where you want the image to appear and then enter the keyboard combination Ctrl+V.  If you want to move the image, just click and drag the image to where you want to move it.

If you are familiar with HTML, you can edit the HTML tags directly by clicking the Source tab (or HTML button in browsers other than Internet Explorer) of the Question Editor.

edit html example

If your pictures, videos, sounds, or other files are not already on the Web, e-mail the file(s) to support@vanguardsw.com. One of our Support Representatives will post the file(s) to your Vista Web folder and provide you with a Web link to the file(s).

NOTE:  There are no question types that allow respondents to upload a picture.

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