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Copy Word or Excel text into a question

You can copy text from Word© or Excel© documents and paste it into your Vista Survey questions. 

Note:  When you paste text from a Word or Excel document into a question you should remove the Word or Excel formatting from the text because it can cause formatting problems in Vista Survey.  You can remove the formatting by using the Paste Text button on the formatting toolbar in the Vista Survey question.

To copy and paste Word or Excel text into a question:

  1. Select the Word or Excel document text that you want to add and select Copy from the Edit menu (or press Ctrl+C).
  2. Click in the message text area of the Vista Survey question and click the Paste Text button on the formatting toolbar (paste text button).

The text is pasted into your question without any formatting.  You can now format the text using Vista Survey.  For information on formatting your survey, see Opening and using the Question Editor.

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