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Format a Survey

On the Format tab you will set properties that control the look of your survey such as fonts and colors, header and footer, and the envelope for your survey.

  1. To format a survey, click the Format tab.

    The Format tab displays several formatting options.

    format options

    For information on formatting options, see the formatting options sections below.
  2. After you have formatted the survey, click Save
  3. Once you have formatted a survey, you will want to send the survey.  For more information, see Send a Survey.

Tip: You can click the Preview button at the bottom or left of the screen to see how style changes you make on the Format tab affect your survey.

preview button

Using the Style Wizard

The Style Wizard will ask you for the URL of your Web site and, then, try to extract images and colors from your site to use in your survey.  You can run the Style Wizard by clicking the Style Wizard button on the Format tab and entering your Web site URL when prompted.  The Style Wizard will ask you to select the colors and images from your site that you want to use in your survey.

Setting Style Properties

You can set the following Style properties for your survey:

Setting Colors

You can change any of the survey colors by clicking on a color and selecting a color from the table, or entering a RGB Hex value.

Tip: to specify a color as "transparent", delete the RGB Hex value, and click OK.

The following survey colors can be changed. Note that in some cases how the color is used depends on the specific envelope you choose.

Clear Question Text Formatting

You can remove all of the text formatting in your questions by clicking Clear Question Text Formatting.  This setting can be useful if you have copied text from a word processing program such as Microsoft Word and you want to remove any formatting that was copied along with the text.  You can also remove text formatting by using the Question Editor toolbar in each question.  For more information, see Opening and using the Question Editor.

Setting Page Header and Footer

The Page Header and Page Footer is displayed at the top and bottom respectively of each page of your survey.  You can insert any content in the Header and Footer including text, images (i.e. your logo), and hyperlinks.  Use the formatting toolbar to add formatted text to the Page Header and Page Footer sections.

For steps to follow for copying a logo from your Web site into the Page Header, see the How do I add a logo to my survey? page.

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