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Salesforce Transfer Error: insufficient access rights on cross-reference id

Error Message: "insufficient access rights on cross-reference id" or "id value of incorrect type"


This error message usually indicates that an object ID linked to one of your survey responses does not exist in the Salesforce instance you are trying to transfer into.  This can happen if you delete Salesforce object records after a survey invitation has been sent to them, or if you are trying to transfer results into a test org that does not have all your production data.

For example, the image below is from the View Individual Questionnaires page in the Results tab.  It shows that this response is linked to a Contact object.  If any objects do not exist in the target Salesforce instance, you will receive the error "insufficient access rights on cross-reference id".

Contact object ID


If the linked objects no longer exist in the target Salesforce org, you can delete (or change) the object IDs linked to the response.  From the View Individual Questionnaires screen above, click Edit to edit or delete the parameter value.