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Can I give my users a summary of their responses at the end that they can print?

There are three ways that you can provide your users a summary of their responses at the end of a survey, questionnaire or form.  The first is to display the summary in a Text Message or Closing question at the end of the survey, and the second is to send the user an email after submission that contains a link to their response.

Method 1: Use the question summary merge code

Vista has built-in merge codes that assist you in including response information into questions, emails, etc. The <{FullQuestionSummary}> merge code will display a summary of all responses made by a user.

  1. On the Edit tab, at the end of the survey, click Add Question.
  2. Click the Closing (with exit) question type.

    closing question type
  3. In the message field enter the following merge code:
  4. Ensure that Displaying a closing message is selected for the End this questionnaire by setting.
  5. Click OK.
  6. The Closing (with exit) question type must have a page break before it. Vista's autocorrection will prompt you to add a page break. Click Fix it for me in the autocorrection message to add the page break.
  7. Click Save. To test the new merge code, click Test Logic.

Method 2: Display summary in a Text Message or Closing question

In this method you add a Text Message or Closing question to the end of your survey to display the summary to the user.  Use a Text Message if you want them to see the summary before submitting (i.e. "please verify your response and click Submit"), and a Closing question if you want to present a summary after submitting (i.e. "here is your confirmation page").  In either case you use Piping to display their responses to your questions.  For more information on piping see Using Piping.

Here is an example of this technique, used in an Order Form with a confirmation screen at the end.


Method 3: Send an email after submission that contains a copy of the response

In this method you will use a Send Email question type to send an email after the response has been submitted, which contains a copy of the response.  Here are the steps to implement this method.

  1. You will need a question in the survey that asks for the respondent's email address.  For this example we'll assume the question is Q6.
  2. On the Edit tab, click Add Question to add a new question to your survey.  From the Gallery choose Send an Email.
    send email question type
  3. For the email message box, enter the text of the email.
  4. For Include a link to the response, choose Yes, link to just answers.
  5. For Recipient Email, use the appropriate piping code to use the value of your email address question.  For this example we enter [Q6].
  6. For From Email, enter an email address which will show as the From address.  This does not need to be a real mailbox, but it does need to be in email syntax (i.e. mailbox@domain.com)
  7. For Subject, enter the text that will show up as the Subject of the email.
  8. Click OK to save the question.