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How do I pass data into a questionnaire?

Vista gives you a link to your survey that looks something like this:


However, you can change the link to include data you want to pass in by appending a data item name and value of the format &Name=Value. For example:


The extra parameters "Version=A" and "CustomerID=12345" contain the custom data you want to pass into your questionnaire.

Next, insert a Multiple Choice or Text Box question into your questionnaire. In either case, the question text must be:


Where ParameterName is the name of the field you inserted in the URL. For example, if you insert a Multiple Choice question with the question text:


and the answer options are A, B, C or D, then this question will be populated with the answer "A" in the example URL above.

To populate a free-form text question, use a similar technique but make the question text:


The example URL above will cause this question to be populated with the value "12345".

Note that the parameter names are case-dependent.

If there are a limited number of parameter values you want to pass in, use a Multiple Choice question instead of a Text Box because you can filter results more easily on multiple choice questions than you can on free-form text questions.

If you plan on using the data from the URL in your survey (i.e. piping), make sure you have a Page Break between the hidden question and the question that uses the piped value.

For more information, see Using URL Parameters in a Survey.