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You can use Vanguard Vista™ to create surveys and forms for Vista integrates with Salesforce through the AppExchange to enable you to send out surveys to your contacts and collect results directly in Salesforce for reports and dashboards.

For more details, please visit Vista Surveys on the AppExchange.

What Features are You interested in?

Vista Salesforce Features

You can use Vista with all versions of Saleforce. One Vista account can be used for multiple Salesforce Organizations.

Using Vanguard Vista with Salesforce involves the following steps:

  1. Install Vanguard Vista from the AppExchange (Installing Vista from the AppExchange).
  2. Configure the Vanguard Vista Salesforce Application (Configuring the Vista Salesforce Application).
  3. Log into Vanguard Vista from Salesforce (Logging into Vista from Salesforce).
  4. Set up Question Mapping (see Setting up Question Mapping in Salesforce Tab).
  5. Send a survey through Salesforce (Launching through Salesforce).
  6. Transfer survey results to Salesforce (Transferring Results to Salesforce).
  7. Create Salesforce reports using Vista survey results (Walkthrough: Creating Salesforce Reports on Survey Results).

For an overview of Vanguard Vista's Salesforce integration, see Vanguard Vista with Salesforce Overview in Vista Help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price for Vista's integration?
All you need is a Vanguard Vista subscription and you will be able to create surveys for There is no additional charge for integration.

How do I enable the integration functionality?
To enable the functionality in Vista you need to log in to Vista from Salesforce. Once you install our app from the AppExchange, you'll have a Manage Surveys tab which is where you will go to log in to Vista. Note that you can access your surveys by either logging in through Salesforce or through our Web site, but the Salesforce functionality will only be enabled if you log in through Salesforce.

Can I build reports on Vista survey data in Salesforce?
Yes! You can use the reporting tools to build reports and dashboards using your Vista survey results once the results are in Salesforce.

Which objects can be linked to my results?
Any object (and any number of objects) in Salesforce can be linked to a result including Contact, Case, Account, Opportunity, and Lead.

How many answers can I transfer from a response into Salesforce?
The default install allows you to transfer the answers of up to 20 questions into Salesforce. If you need to transfer more than 20 questions, we can increase this limit for an additional fee. Contact us for more details.

Can results be automatically transferred into Salesforce?
Yes, we can automate the transfer of your results into Salesforce if you provide us with a Salesforce login to your account. Contact us for more details.

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