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Quick polling is a creative means of connecting with customers and promoting your products and services. Using Vista Quick Poll, you can open discussions that create opportunities to communicate the benefits of your solutions.

Using Vista™ Quick Poll

Vista Quick Poll is a service that is completely FREE of charge. There is no account to set up; and, you may access the poll utility as often as you like.

Now enjoy more control over the look of your results pages. Easily include hyperlinks, logos, images, and flash. Plus, the HTML code is automatically generated for you - just cut and paste.

Effective Polls Need Tailored Results Pages

An effective web-based poll is composed of two parts: a topic that grabs interest and a results page that ties the topic to your products or services. The second part is often overlooked, but it can be the most important.

Through a 3-step process, Vista Quick Poll uniquely provides an easy means by which you can tailor the content of the results page to display your poll results along with hyperlinks to related topics, other URLs, email addresses, product information, or whatever gets your message across to your audience.

With Vista Quick Poll, anything that can be done on a Web page, can be done on a poll’s results page.

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