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Taking Surveys

When your survey or form is launched, respondents click on a link you provide via Vanguard Vista's™ Launch Wizard. Vista is engineered to provide a consistent experience for your respondents even if they are using older browsers and high security settings. Vista is 100% compatible with any browser your respondents use. To find out more about the features Vista offers for taking surveys, check out the Taking Surveys Tour below.

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100% Browser Compatibility

Vista is engineered so surveys will be compatible with 100% of browsers. Many other survey tools require JavaScript and will not function properly with older browsers or high security settings.

Accessing Surveys

Respondents start your survey by clicking a link you email to them or by clicking a link on a Web site. Web site surveys can also be a pop-up that randomly displays to a fraction of Web site visitors.

Automatic Session Resume

When a respondent abandons a survey before it is submitted, Vista will automatically give the respondent the option to resume the survey where he or she left off.

Set Security Preferences

Vista provides multiple options for setting who has access to your survey, how to identify repeat responses and what to do with repeat responses (i.e. ballot stuffing).

Log-in To Take a Survey

One option when launching a survey is to have users log-in to take your survey. This can be a way to enable customers to return to their responses to change answers after they have been submitted.

Redirect Respondents to Your Web Site

Vista provides the ability to easily (no HTML knowledge required) redirect the survey respondents to your Web site or a landing page after they complete a survey.

Email Responses in Real-Time

Set up surveys so administrators receive a copy of each response in real-time. Emails will include a link to Delete the response if it is determined to be invalid.

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