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While Vanguard Vista's™ interface is very easy to use and survey-building is fast, Vista's most valuable aspect is its results analysis. Other survey tools stop at data collection, but Vista takes surveying that extra step to Expert Interpretation. To us, surveys aren't any use to you without top-notch results analysis and insightful reports.

Vista uniquely joins survey technology, decision analysis techniques, and A.I. to help you get the results out of your surveys that you would not otherwise be able to get. This combination of technologies enables us to apply expert knowledge to your data. Vista is the only survey tool available that applies this approach.

Our innovative report generator uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) techniques along with a powerful collection of statistical methods to analyze your data. This is like having an expert review your data for you. Vista will be able to find correlations and patterns that you might never have thought to look for yourself. If you want to perform your own analysis, you can download your raw data at any time. Just click the Download link and Excel will open on your computer populated with all of your data. From Excel you can transfer your data to any statistical application.

Check out the Reporting Results Tour below to learn more about Vista's reporting and results features.

What Features are You interested in?

Instant Results Analysis Reports

Generate presentation-quality Results Analysis Reports at any time, even while a survey is still running, with a click of a button.

Confidence Intervals

Include Confidence Intervals in your results reports to help determine if there is enough data for your results to be statistically significant.

Correlation Analysis

Vista is the only survey system that provides automatic correlation analysis for your results. Use this information to gain insight into what factors drive key measures such as overall satisfaction.

Statistics for Numeric Answers

Vista displays statistics for questions that result in numeric values (answers) including Distribution Graphs, Mean (average), and Standard Deviation.

Interactive Drill-Down

When viewing your results reports, you can drill into your results with the click of a button and set any number of filters in your report.

Download to Excel or a Text file

Download your results to Excel or a Text file. Vista's results are Tab Delimited; so they can be downloaded to a Text file and imported into other statistical programs like SPSS for custom analysis.

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