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Launching Surveys

Once you have built a survey or form in Vanguard Vista™, you will want to launch it to your target audience. Vista's Launch Wizard not only walks you through the launch process but also results in a Web site or email link you can copy and paste. In addition, the Launch Wizard offers the option of uploading your contact list and letting Vista take care of the rest. Check out the Launching Surveys Tour below to see Vista's useful features and to get a feel for its survey delivery options.

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Easily Launch Surveys

Vista's Launch Wizard guides you through the survey launch process. Email through Vista, Email through your own email program, or add a link or pop-up to your Web site.

Upload Distribution Lists

Upload distribution lists containing any number of fields that identify your respondents. Vista will automatically send email invitations and link responses to individualized data records.

Compose Emails with Mail Merge

Compose emails to your respondents using our Rich Text Editor. To personalize your emails, you can include any of the data fields contained in the distribution list you import into Vista.

Personalize and Pre-populate Surveys

When you upload distribution lists for Vista to use in survey launches, you can apply any of the fields contained in a distribution list to personalize surveys and even pre-populate field values.

Calculate Response Rates

Vista automatically displays the real-time response rate for each of your invitations to help you track the performance of your campaigns.

View Results by Individual

When viewing the responses to your invitation, you can quickly bring up any individual in your distribution list and see how he or she responded.

Correct and Resend Returned Emails

Vista automatically keeps track of who received your invitation and who did not due to a bad email address. With a click of a button, you can correct email addresses and resend the original invitation.

Send Reminder Emails

With a click of a button, send out a reminder email to your entire distribution list or just to those who have not responded.

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