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Once you start using Vanguard Vista™, we think you will find that it is the easiest and most flexible way to create professional-looking surveys. These customers agree. Here is a sampling of the feedback we receive from our customers.

Before contracting Vista we reviewed over 50 online survey systems, and fully tested 15. Based on overall functionality, reporting, and intuitiveness Vistaís system was by far the best survey system for the money.
Kyle Kraus
Marketing General Contractors
After testing many online survey applications I learned that small differences make a big difference for the end user. Vista is the only product I found that gets everything right. It took only a few moments to learn how to create complex surveys. Deploying surveys and collecting data requires only a few clicks of the mouse. As if that were not enough, the unique analysis report generated by Vista is presentation-ready!
Liss Hart-Haviv
Executive Director
Take Root
I want to let you know that I am more impressed with Vista than any other offering I have checked. I have been able to create a model survey (out-of-the-box and without one technical support call) with branching that others' software either can't do or that would require special programming. Vista will be the showpiece in my demonstrations to my peers and manager.
Burtin Hart
Senior Technical Writer/Course Developer
Can I just say that I love your product? ... I will recommend this to anyone who is doing a survey.
April Mitts
Vista gives me the ease of use and technical support at a price that other online survey products canít match. The support provided is exceptional.
Dean Acocelli
Senior Market Research Analyst
Vista has proved to be a great tool and we have recommended it to our sister companies.
Sharon Fawcett
Doubleday Book and Music Clubs
We were starting from scratch, building a new school, and our web hosting company failed at creating online applications for students and employees. Vista gave us what we needed - flexibility in design, ease of use, and great online applications for our new students and employees.
Mark Tingley
IT Manager
St. Patrick Catholic School
Vista has made the management of our online surveys easier and more efficient.
Eloise Campbell
Managing Director
Wonderful support - very impressive. First time that I am using your services and it was just wonderful to have received such ownership of the problem and resolution.
Krzysztof Zielinski
Senior Manager - Marketing Operations
Our sales team has finished the annual survey. It was the first time we used an electronic version, we are very pleased with the results and the reactions we received.
Frank Temmerman
Innovation and R&D Manager
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased we are with Vanguard and the work that you personally do. You have been a quick responder, understanding, and great at problem solving, of which we have had very few. Vanguardís survey software makes the survey, both for the user and the designer, extremely 'user friendly'. We are very pleased with what the capabilities are both technically and with design.
Kay Raffo
State Employment Relations Board (Ohio)
In all my tests, this is working PERFECTLY! Thank you so much for your speedy service, and flexibility, this is definitely the reason we have chosen to use your company for our surveys!
Cian Whalley
VP Technology
Diligence Works Inc.
I'm a big fan of Vista, and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy way to create and deploy a survey and a comprehensive way to analyze results ... The format looks very professional and stylish. This is in direct contrast to some other survey software I've used, which looks amateurish and is difficult to set up. Most importantly, however, the analytical tools are far superior to those I've used before ... Finally, I appreciate the attention that I received. I've worked with other survey companies who are available only by email, and reply within 1 - 2 days. I was very pleased when I called your offices and you called me right back, even though I am overseas. That customer focus is key, and well worth the price.
Gabrielle Hase
Product Manager
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