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Vanguard introduced its first product for decision support analysis in 1995. Today, thousands of companies in over 60 countries and in every major industry use our products for tasks ranging from strategic planning to customer surveys. This success is a reflection of our commitment to technical innovation, customer support, and responsible management.

Vanguard has proven itself, not just at creating great technologies, but also at bringing those technologies to you in the form of reliable, easy-to-use, affordable products. From the most accurate forecast benchmarks ever recorded to the first commercial Monte Carlo simulation grid, Vanguard remains at the forefront of technical innovation.

We recognize that technology is only part of the solution. This is why we back our products with an absolute commitment to customer service and corporate stability. You need to know that the products and services you rely on today will be there for you as your needs grow. Over the past 14 years, Vanguard has proven its ability in this area by supporting businesses in projects ranging from one-off decisions to mission-critical applications around which entire businesses are born.

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Since 1995, thousands of customers have
chosen Vanguard because of our unparalleled
technology and passion for customer service.
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